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Report commissioned into houses to support Leeds - Langley relief road

Thursday 11th February 2021

A REPORT on building hundreds of houses in Leeds/Langley corridor to support a new strategic road to reduce traffic problems in the two villages and east Maidstone has been commissioned by Maidstone Borough Council.

Answering a public question, which suggested there could be 1,500 houses, Cllr David Burton, chairman of the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee, said the council could start work early on the next Local Plan Review to follow the review now in the pipeline.

The current review will not include a proposal for a style of a new garden village in this area but the council could consider programming residential development and a new road in the next review.

The highways authority, Kent County Council, has recently indicated that if Maidstone can present a business case around the need for the road in order to open up development potential along the corridor, it would assist with funding bids and, as appropriate, give authority for compulsory purchase powers.

The land in this corridor has various owners and Maidstone Council is keen to protect the route of a new road from development.