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SINKHOLE DRAMA: Another land collapse in Barming - close to new homes

Monday 26th October 2020



ANOTHER sinkhole has opened up in Barming less than a month after the last one, it emerged this afternoon
The void is on land adjacent to the Orchard Fields area in Hermitage Lane, opposite Maidstone Hospital.

The area is now surrounded by Heras fencing.

A section of low wall appears to have disappeared into the hole.

A local resident said: "People living just across the way must be worried about the safety of their homes. This seems to happening quite a lot these days."
Last month, there was a substantial landslip at a reservoir owned and run by South East Water and in 2018 nearby Tonbridge Road was shut for months in 2018 when a large sinkhole suddenly appeared in the road.
The A26 was shut for five months and caused widespread disruption to businesses and residents.

Critics are linking housebuilding with the apparent increase in the number of sinkholes in the area.

PICTURE by Chris Lawson