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SINKHOLE: Tonbridge Road could be opening sooner rather than later

Friday 14th September 2018

The reopening of the Tonbridge Road may come sooner rather than later thanks to the Kent County Council completing work ahead of schedule.

The KCC released a site programme last month that went through the remaining stages of work still to be carried out before the A26 Tonbridge Road would be reopened.

The last estimated date of work completion on the road, which was closed due to a giant sinkhole which opened in May, was October 20 but now that date could be open to change.

The KCC announced that the reinstatement of the sewer which was estimated to be completed by September 20 was completed on September 5, two weeks ahead of schedule.

In the updated highways repair notice by the it states: “The completion of the sewer reinstatement two weeks earlier than programmed is expected to bring forward the reopening date, currently advertised as the 20th October.

“We are currently monitoring the progress if the site excavation over the next few days to gauge productivity and ensure no unexpected issues are encountered, prior to providing an amended opening date if applicable.”

While there is no guarantee that this will mean that the road will open two weeks earlier, it is some positive news for a problem that has existed for almost five months.