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Sainsbury's HGV drives illegally through lorry ban village

Friday 23rd April 2021

SUPERMARKET giant Sainsbury's has come under fire for allowing one of its HGVs to illegally drive through a village with a lorry ban.
A Daily Downs Mail reader was driving towards the A20 on the B2163 through Leeds this morning when the truck came the other way.
The Sainsbury's lorry caused cars to back up in both directions at around 8.05am.
The issue of illegal lorries in the village is long-running with residents claiming police do nothing to enforce the ban.
The driver said: "It's typical - these drivers just ignore the signs banning lorries and use the village as a shortcut. They don't care about the sharp bends and speed past the school.
"This one was probably on his way to the new supermarket at Staplehurst and couldn't be bothered going the long way round. It's not what you'd expect from Sainsbury's.

"Still, what do you expect? Kent Police do nothing and the supermarket drivers know they will get away with it."
Sainsbury's was approached for a comment but has yet to respond.

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