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Show the public Leeds-Langley relief road options now - demand Ukip

Friday 23rd September 2016

Three options for a Leeds-Langley relief road currently under consideration should be published in full immediately and taken to public consultation, according to Ukip councillor Eddie Powell.

The Joint Transportation Board (JTB), which is made up of representatives from county, borough and parish councils, is currently assessing a number of factors, including topography and economic viability.

Public consultation would follow in due course, say JTB members.

But Shepway borough councillor Mr Powell said: “This issue has been around for 20 years and still nothing has happened. We need to get these proposals on the table as soon as possible. So let’s start a public consultation now."

All routes would start on or near the Penfold bridge after the main entrance to Leeds Castle, and proceed around the village.

They comprise an ‘east’ option which would skirt Leeds Castle’s perimeter, a ‘west’ option going around Leeds to Horseshoes Lane at Langley and a third which would incorporate parts of both

The issue of housebuilding on the A274 Sutton Road and the knock-on effects for villages such as Otham, Langley, Leeds and Sutton Valence will figure heavily in the county council election campaign next year.

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