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TRAFFIC CHAOS: Trucker stuck breaking the law in a road closure

Tuesday 27th July 2021

A VILLAGE near Leeds was brought to a standstill for a second time today when an illegally driven HGV was forced to perform a dangerous U-turn into a tiny country lane.
Transport bosses at Prologic apologised for the driver's error this afternoon.
The trucker had not only broken the 17T weight restriction but disobeyed the 'road closed' signs for a closure half a mile on.
Felixstowe-based Prologic spokesman confirmed the driver was in Kent to pick up a load.
He added: "He shouldn't have been there full stop with the weight restriction."
An eye-witness said: "He had to turn his enormous truck round by reversing into  Burberry Lane. Traffic was borought to standstill.
"Police do not enforce the weight restriction. This happens all the time."