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Teenage entrepreneur Aimee Hobbs opens Maidstone's first makeup studio

Friday 8th November 2019

FOR teenage entrepreneur Aimee Hobbs, it all started with a love for makeup when she was in her early teens.

The 19-year-old is set to own the very first makeup studio in Maidstone town centre, despite being told by teachers she was “too clever” for the beauty industry.

Miss Hobbs, of Simpson Road, Snodland says she aims to be living proof that you do not need a degree to succeed in life.

The former Maidstone Grammar School student said: “As soon as you tell somebody you’re going to college to study makeup, they automatically think you’re stupid.

“I’m proof you can have really good grades but still want to do something other than university like you are pressured to do in school.”

Miss Hobbs started her business from her bedroom and practised on her friends before setting up an Instagram page to showcase her work and book potential clients.

She now employs a trainee artist and is all set to open her own shop at the Royal Star Arcade before the end of the year.

She said: “I was one of two people in my whole year to go to college, it’s just something schools, especially grammar schools, do not encourage you to do. I remember going to my college enrolment and the teacher saw my grades and said to me ‘you are way too clever for this, you don’t belong here, you should be at uni.’

“I want people to know university is not the only route to success. I left school at 16 and was quite badly bullied, I really didn’t have a reason to stay there after my GCSE’s. People say I’m ‘lucky’ to be getting my own shop, but it’s not luck, I’ve worked hard for this. It didn’t happen overnight, and I have had to make a lot of sacrifices to get here.

“My friends joke and say I’m wasting my youth away because instead of going out and partying on Friday and Saturday nights, I stay in, earn money and build my business. I completely went against what was expected of me and decided to create my own opportunities.”



Instagram: @aimeehobbsmakeup