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Thugs jailed for vicious attack in Maidstone alley

Thursday 8th September 2016

Two thugs have been jailed after a vicious attack on a man in Maidstone which left the victim with a fractured skull.
Jonathan Sills and Oliver Bloomsmar both admitted grievous bodily harm and were each sentenced to 15 months in prison at Maidstone Crown Court.

The court heard that the assault happened after the victim and two offenders became involved in a shouting match in Gabriel’s Hill.
The victim walked away however, as he was walking in an alleyway off Palace Avenue, he was hit over the back of the head and fell to the floor where he was repeatedly kicked.
The victim was later found in the alley by passers by who called an ambulance. At hospital he was found to have a fractured skull and bruising to his back.

Bloomsmar, 25 and of Jubilee Field in Tenterden, and Sills, 25 and of Swan Street in Tenterden, handed themselves in to the police a few days later. 

Detective Sergeant Jason Booth, the senior investigating officer for this case, said: ‘The attack Bloomsmar and Sills committed was cowardly and left the victim in a considerable amount of pain.
‘It is fortunate that he has managed to make a full recovery from this, the outcome could easily have been much more severe.
‘It is fit and proper that these two men have received a custodial sentence for this assault.’


The pair were sentenced on September 2 for the assault on July 13, 2014.