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WARNING: Stay out of lakes after 'deadly bird bug' outbreak in Maidstone

Friday 19th July 2019

VINTERS Valley Nature Reserve is warning people of a problem at the main lake after a spate of recent deaths in a number of ducks and geese.

Recent deaths and sickness in a number of ducks on the lake leads the reserve to believe that there may be an outbreak of Avian Botulism in the lake.

Avian botulism outbreaks in wild water birds and occurs relatively frequently in ponds in England in periods when there is less oxygen in the water, such as during heatwaves.

A spokesman for Vinters Valley Nature Reserve said: "Please be aware of a problem at the main lake and avoid entering the water, or allowing dogs to enter the water.

"Dog owners may wish to consider keeping dogs on a lead when near the lake, particularly if their dog(s) is prone to heading through the undergrowth towards the lake."

If you notice any sick birds in the lake please call 07801231674 as soon as possible.